We've Got Answers: 3D Impact Screen Protector Q&A

With the launch of our all-new 3D Impact Screen Protector, we’ve received a lot of questions from our RhinoShield family. All of the questions were great (some even hilarious) and we wanted to take this opportunity to highlight some of the questions for everyone to get a deeper understanding.

So let’s get the ball rolling.

1. Is the 3D Impact made of glass?

No, the 3D Impact Screen Protector is developed from a totally new polymeric composite material. There is no other screen protector on the market like it, that is why we call it the Game Changer.

2. Does the 3D Impact crack like glass when hit? 

NO! Because of its material composition, the 3D Impact can take a much harder hit compared to conventional tempered glass protectors on the market. We created a comparison and showed you some of the tests we did for this new material. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million.

3. What is the biggest difference between this and other screen protectors? 

There are generally 2 types of screen protectors on the market today:

Impact Protectors
Though very tough and durable, one of the biggest concerns for polymer impact protectors is that it isn’t full coverage. The thickness of the shatterproof material inhibits the ability for edge-to-edge protection due to the curved edge of the glass screens on modern iPhones. This type of non-edge-to-edge protection is called 2.5D coverage.

Tempered Glass
Super clear and smooth, the tempered glass protector is the go-to option for most iPhone users today. But, it’s still made of glass and isn’t shatterproof. This means that you’d most likely end up with a screen protector that looks like this.

The cost of replacing cracked glass protectors could also start adding up if we aren’t careful. You’d be surprised how many people walk around with a broken glass protector! 

How about our solution?

3D Impact 
Our new material is impact protective and flexible just like an impact protection screen protector while giving us the same smoothness and clarity we love from tempered glass protectors. With these features, combined with one of the best warranty replacement programs in the industry, we consider the 3D Impact to be the best screen protector on the market today.

For a more visual comparison between them, please visit the product page and check out the comparison chart on the bottom of the page. 

4. How Impact Protective is it? 

Similarly to impact protection screen protectors, this screen protector can withstand a direct impact with a 500g iron ball from a height of at least 80cm. 

5. How smooth is the surface of the 3D Impact?

Have you ever used a tempered glass protector? If so, it feels exactly like that! The surface is smooth to the touch so you can swipe with precision. The smoothness of the surface also gives you the same premium feel you get from glass protectors! 

6. Is it hard to install? 

Not at all! When applying the screen protector, bending it in a U shape and using the front receiver as an alignment tool is the way to go. If you need more guidance, you could also turn on your phone screen so the backlight will allow for a more accurate application around the sides. The protector can also be reapplied if needed!

Also, check out our tutorial below

If you need further help with installation, our customer care team is always ready to walk you through the steps! 

7. How do I clean the protector? 

You can clean the 3D Impact how you would with any other screen protectors; with a microfiber cloth or a dampened microfiber cloth. You could also use alcohol wipes to disinfect the protector and lower the chances of COVID-19 transmission. 

8. What cases are compatible with the 3D Impact?  

The 3D Impact fits perfectly with all RhinoShield phone cases, as well as most cases on the market! 

9. What device models do you make for the 3D Impact? 

These are the device models that we carry for the 3D Impact at this time: 

iPhone 7/8, 7 Plus/8 Plus, X/XS, XR, XS Max, 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, SE(2nd Gen)

This product is available for most iPhones at the moment. We are working hard to bring it to Androids as well, so stay tuned! 

10. Will there be a 3D Impact Back Protector in the future?

At this time, there is no consideration of the back protector. 

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