3D Impact: Our Game-Changing Solution to Screen Protection

The term ‘Game Changer’ according to Google, means An event, idea, or procedure that effects a significant shift in the current way of doing or thinking about something’. The publication of the theory of relativity by Albert transformed our understanding of space and time, the establishment of an online bookstore by Jeff brought us everything we will ever need from A to Z, and the idea to think differently by a visionary in blue jeans and black turtleneck revolutionized the entire mobile phone industry. These were all remarkable challenges to the status quo by experts in their own industries. 

But what about our industry? The brains at RhinoShield believe that the same remarkable feats can be accomplished through the restless pursuit of our own passions, no matter how big or small. We have been carrying that mindset and leading the innovation in our industry. We were the first to come up with a modular case and the first to eliminate BPA in our entire product line. By continuing our passion for material science, we decided to challenge our own status quo, again.

Screen protection for the iPhone was the beginning of our journey back in 2013. Fast forward to 2020, the Tempered Glass Screen Protector is the most commonly used screen protector amongst iPhone users. The glass protector has a super clear and smooth surface for optimal viewing experience with a premium touch. The tempered glass material puts our scratch worries behind while protecting the whole screen with its full-coverage capabilities. If you’ve ever used a tempered glass protector, you know what we mean. 

However, there is just one downside...
conventional glass protectors are not made to withstand an impact and aren’t shatterproof. It’s not as tough as polymer which is what traditional impact protection screen protectors are made of. Cracks are a common sight for glass protector users and the cost of replacing them could be the reason why we’ve been staring at cracked screens for longer than we want to. At the end of the day, it’s just a piece of glass. This is how regular glass protectors have been perceived and used. This is our status quo, and we’re taking it on.

Here is what we did. We took all the reasons we love glass protectors and combed it with the protective capabilities of polymer protectors. We merged the best of both worlds and developed a completely new and innovative polymeric material that looks and feels like glass but is tough as nails.

To ensure the toughness of our protectors, we put the material through some rigorous tests.

I'm Free Fallin'

The protector is dropped from various heights on uneven surfaces to test its shatterproof capabilities. We have the glass protector on the left, while the right is protected by the 3D Impact.

Nailed the ‘Hammer Time’

Direct point impact protection test is done through hammer testing with nails. The glass protector on the left had no chance of survival. The phone protected by the 3D Impact on the right passed with flying colors. 

We dropped the ball...so you don’t have to

Steel balls weighing 250g are dropped onto the screen to test the shockproof abilities of the material. The left ball is dropped on an unprotected screen and cracked while the right one passed without a dent with the 3D Impact.

Bend it like...

The material is bent to compare the flexibility of different protectors. Pretty obvious which one survived the test.

After all that smashing and bashing, RhinoShield is proud to bring you our game-changing solution to screen protection: The 3D Impact Screen Protector. 

To develop a product that is truly innovative, we listened to the feedback from all of our users whom we consider a part of the RhinoShield family. Your invaluable opinion and support are what drives our restless pursuit of continuous evolution. So thank you, for giving us the opportunity to test our own limits and allowing us to push the boundaries to where no one else has gone before.

Wherever our evolution brings us next, we'll just have to wait and see.
So until then, stay restless my friends.

- Q