Here are all the Phone Protection Deals You Need to Get on PRIME DAY. July 16, 2018, 0 Comments

Amazon Prime Day, the 36-hour sale featuring over one million deals that you could never look through, STARTS NOW! It concerns we are participating in Prime Day this year, and our deals are pretty solid (solid enough to be featured by Amazon as the Deals of the Day).

Our Up to 60% Off deals include all phone protection products - SolidSuit, CrashGuard, PlayProof, Screen Protectors and Lenses - and cover Apple, Samsung, Google, OnePlus, Huawei, ASUS and Sony devices.

In case you haven't got a RhinoShield case yet - it provides at least 11 feet of drop protection and it is among the thinnest and lightest protective cases you can find in the market. It's now the best time to get a RhinoShield case and test it yourself with the Prime Day offers.

For your convenience, we've listed out all the deals by products and devices below. If you miss out this one, you'll probably need to wait until Black Friday. And very likely we won't offer such good deals on new products at that time. So don't miss out!

*All discounts will be valid on RhinoShield Storefront starting from July 16 2018 3PM PT.


The Premium SolidSuit Case 12%-50% OFF (Save $5-30!)

The slim premium case that protects your phone without sacrificing style. Like all RhinoShiled cases, the lately released SolidSuit case protects your phone from at least 11 feet drops. It also adds a touch of class to your phone with a premium finish at the back. Ultra thin (under 3mm) and form fitting, SolidSuit proves that you can have a tough case in an elegant shell. It is also compatible with one of four RhinoShield Add-On Lenses, for when you want to get more out of your phone camera.

Apple Deals:

Android Deals:



The Minimal CrashGuard Bumper 20%-60% OFF (Save $5-15!)

Tired of brick-like protective cases? This minimal CrashGuard Bumper case protects your phone while covering up your phone as little as possible. It is as thin as 3 stacked credit cards, easy to take in and out of pockets and complementing exposed-back design with raised lip for screen and camera protection from surfaces. It is the signature product of RhinoShield and available for most iPhone and Android devices.

Apple Deals:

Android Deals:



Impact Protection Screen Protectors 20%-60% OFF (Save $5-15!)

Introducing the jaw-dropping hammer-tested screen protector that started RhinoShield. The specially-designed shock-damping material is able to take at least 5 times the impact energy of Gorilla Glass 3, and is thin as three sheets of printer paper. 

$5-15 discount on All Protectors for iPhone (5 to X), OnePlus (5 / 6), Pixel 2, P20 (Pro) and ZenFone 5 / 5Z - find your device here.



    Add-on Lenses 14%-20% OFF (Save $5-10!)

    Get more out of your phone camera with one of four high quality lenses. Currently works with SolidSuit Case for iPhone (7 to X), Pixel 2 (XL), and Mod Case for iPhone SE/5s/5, 7/8 (Plus), X. Also works with PlayProof Case for iPhone 7/8 (Plus).

    Deals (don't forget to get the lens adapter!):



    The Stylish PlayProof 20%-60% OFF (Save $5-15!)

    Marriage of protection and aesthetic. The PlayProof case will protect your phone from everyday knocks and drops but still look stylish and playful.

    Apple Deals:

    Android Deal:



    Oh, and FYI — stock is limited. So move fast!

    Note: You have to be a Prime member to get these deals. All Prime Day deals valid for orders placed during Prime Day period only (July 16 12PM PT to July 17 11:59PM PT). For any Amazon order issues, feel free to contact directly.

    What's the Easter Discount Code? March 30, 2018, 0 Comments

    *Hint: Pay attention to the number of the egg and rabbit in the last equation ;)

    *Offer valid for orders on discountable products placed during the Easter promotion period only (Mar 30 2018 6AM CST to Apr 2 2018 11:59PM CST). Cannot be applied to previous purchases.

    SolidSuit Case is now available for Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ March 02, 2018, 0 Comments

    Not just the CrashGuard Bumper, we've also got you the new SolidSuit Case for the new Galaxy phones!


    Add a Touch of Class with the Premium Finish

    While the CrashGuard Bumper shows off the curved back of the new Galaxy phones in its minimalist design, the SolidSuit Case provides full cover protection and adds a touch of class to your S9 / S9+ with its premium finish.

    It comes in two finishes: Carbon Fiber and Classic Black (and possibly more in the future).


    Protect Your Galaxy Phone with our latest ShockSpread™ Material

    Like most of our bumpers for Android flagships, both CrashGuard and SolidSuit for S9 and S9+ are also made of our latest ShockSpread™ material, which is super tough and flexible at the same time, and gives over 11 feet of impact protection. It is also ultra thin and lightweight. The snug fit prevents your phone from falling out of the case during impact, and the port openings are large enough to fit third party accessories comfortably.

    Apart from the innovation in materials, the honeycomb structure and the raised lip design also help in protecting the phone.



    Add-on Lenses

    The SolidSuit Case is also compatible with our add-on lenses. You can use the lens directly on your favorite case without adding bulk or taking off the case. There are four types of high quality lenses to suit different photography scenarios: 0.6X HD Wide Angle, Super Wide, Wide + Macro and Fisheye.

    March 27 2018 Update - The lens adapters for Samsung Galaxy S9 / S9+ are no longer available, and thus our add-on lenses are not compatible with the S9 / S9+ now.

    We have tested our lenses and lens adapters on Samsung Galaxy S9 / S9+ and found that the phone camera lens does not necessarily lie at the center of the camera frame. Its position varies on different phones. On the other hand, our add-on lens is always located at the center of the camera frame as the lens adapter is designed to fit the add-on lens exactly at that position. In this case, it is possible that our add-on lens and the phone camera lens can't be aligned perfectly, and thus their focus points can’t be aligned as well. This will cause distortion and blur especially at the edges.

    Without being able to ensure perfect alignment on every Galaxy phone, we decided to stop selling the lens adapters for Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ at the moment. That means our add-on lenses are not compatible with the S9 and S9+ now. Our R&D team is exploring on alternatives to solve the compatibility issue.



    Shop S9 Cases Here

    Shop S9+ Cases Here

    Lunar New Year Shipping Exceptions February 02, 2018, 0 Comments


    All orders placed after Feb. 13th until Feb. 20th will have shipping exceptions.

    Due to the Lunar New Year of 2018, we and some of our partners will be on break during this time. Please be aware that Lunar New Year will affect your shipping time if your order is placed during this time.


    Items with Print (PlayProof, Mod Backplates) (All Countries):

    •  No PlayProof nor Mod Backplates with design print will be printed starting from Feb. 13th until Feb. 21st.

    •  Any order containing a customized PlayProof or Mod Backplate with design print placed after Feb. 12th 12:00 PM GMT will be on hold until Feb. 21st 00:00 GMT (We will resume printing and shipping afterwards, and all printed orders should ship out by Feb. 27th, starting with the earliest order to the latest by date of purchase).


      FedEx Shipping (All Countries):

      •  No FedEx orders will be sent from Feb. 14th to Feb. 21st.

      •  Orders with FedEx placed after Feb. 13th 23:00 GMT will only start to ship after Feb. 21st 00:00 GMT (See Items with Print if your order also contains printed items).


        Standard Shipping (Europe / US / Canada / Australia / UK):

        •  Orders (Standard Shipping) without printed items may be delayed 2 to 4 business days between Feb. 13th to Feb. 20th.


        Standard Shipping (All Other Countries):

        •  Orders (Standard Shipping) without printed items to countries other than Europe / US / Canada / Australia / UK will not be shipped until after Feb 21st.


          We sincerely thank you for your understanding and apologize for any inconvenience caused during this time.

          Materially Different: Introducing Our New ShockSpread™ Material September 13, 2017, 0 Comments

          Our new ShockSpread™ material is now available for S9, S9+, Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XLNote 8, S8, S8+, OnePlus 5, Honor 9 and iPhone X CrashGuard Bumpers, as well as SolidSuit Case and RhinoShield Mod™.


          Evolution is in our DNA, and our evolution goes beyond impact protection. It's about how we design smartly to add the minimum to your device, so you can get the maximum out of it. That's why we think out of the box, and have created the next generation of ShockSpread™ material which is not just incredibly protective as usual, but also smarter in pretty much every way.

          So how smart is it, and how does it help you get the maximum from your device?

          It's super tough yet flexible.


          Many protective cases consist of two separate materials to achieve protection - a harder exterior shell to disperse impact, and a softer interior to absorb shock. Our new material exhibits both hard and soft properties, which means it can resist and cushion impact alone. Compared with polycarbonate and thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), two materials often used in protective cases, the tensile strength of our new material is significantly greater. This makes our cases extremely durable, and allows for a snug fit without loosening over time. As the material is incredibly difficult to break even at traditional weak points, we were able to create roomy port openings that are large enough to fit third party accessories. And unlike many tough materials that are stiff, our new material is surprisingly flexible. Its elasticity allows the case to spring back to place after flexing, without permanent loosening.

          You can now bend and twist the case without worrying about it breaking or loosening, install and remove it easily without worrying about it scratching your phone, and access your ports and third party accessories comfortably.

          It's thinner yet just as protective.


          Unlike conventional practices which simply add more materials to achieve additional protection, we go for the minimalist way. As mentioned, we combined the protective properties we wanted into a single material. This has allowed us to reduce overall volume by 40% and thickness by 22% while retaining the same 11.5 feet impact resistance* of our previous cases. As we don't have to fuse separate materials to make the case, the case can also be recycled easily.

          Your phone can now shine as originally intended and stay protected with our super thin and light cases, without adding any unnecessary bulk.

          *Our cases provide incredible impact protection far exceeding the US military drop test standard (MIL-STD 810G), which can absorb at least 11.5 feet (3.5 meters) of impact. And while you should not try this at home, braver souls have even done successful extreme drop tests - including a 100-foot free fall from a drone.

          It's spotless.

          Our protective coating is able to resist many water-based and oil-based stains. Based on everyday use, the case rarely picks up scuff marks, even when it is repeatedly taken out of one's pocket. Ink, dirt and food stains can be cleaned without leaving any residue.

          You don't have to shy away from light-colored cases any more. Our special stain resistant coating means your white case stays white.


          *How to clean the case?

          For bumpers (including the frame of the Mod case) - we have tested marker ink, ketchup, watercolors and soil on the bumpers. They can be removed with a light alcohol-based cleaner, not too long after staining occurs. However, avoid using alcohol-based solvents too often, as over time they may degrade the coating.

          For the BackPlate of the Mod case - Please do not clean it with alcohol based solvents, as it will be damaged. We advise using water to clean it.

          It's free of harmful chemicals.


          Unlike BPA (Bisphenol A) containing hard plastics which can be found in the majority of name-brand phone cases, our new material is 100% BPA / BPS / BPF free. BPA has been linked to reproductive and developmental toxicity. Tested against FDA (Food and Drug Administration) requirements, our new material is also certified food-grade, even safe for child use. With your health and safety in mind, we worked hard to avoid these harmful chemicals, and believe we have formulated one of the safest impact-resistant materials around.

          You now have one less thing to worry about.

          It's simply the best of both worlds. 

          Our ShockSpread™ material is an industry-changing materials science breakthrough. It's super tough and flexible at the same time. We were able to combine the protective properties we wanted into a single material, leaving us to push the envelope in minimal design. Not to mention it's completely BPA free, 100% recyclable and stain resistant.

          Can't wait to try the new material? Get yours now:

          SolidSuit Case
          RhinoShield Mod™
          S9 / S9+ CrashGuard Bumper
          Pixel 2 / 2 XL CrashGuard Bumper
          Note 8 CrashGuard Bumper
          S8 / S8+ CrashGuard Bumper
          OnePlus 5 CrashGuard Bumper
          Honor 9 CrashGuard Bumper
          iPhone X CrashGuard Bumper

              Updates on our Samsung Galaxy S8 / S8 Plus Products July 11, 2017, 0 Comments


              I’m Eric, co-founder of RhinoShield. There has been quite some discussion – both positive and negative – about our Galaxy S8 / S8+ products released a couple months ago, and I just want to say: we hear you.

              Improved bumper and screen protector now available on our website.

              Crashguard Bumper Case

              Many of you felt that the fit is a bit looser on the new CrashGuard and that the button area required a little breaking-in, like a new pair of shoes.

              After the initial launch, we reviewed your concerns and adjusted the manufacturing process accordingly. Today, we are rolling out an improved bumper with a tighter fit based on your comments. To shorten the break-in time for buttons, we added subtle slits on their side.

              Tempered Glass Screen Protector

              We also learnt that many of you have found it difficult to apply the screen protector. Curved edge screen protectors are trickier to design, and making one that will play fair with the CrashGuard while covering the entire screen leaves us with very little room for error. We also had to limit the adhesive to the sides as putting adhesive on the whole surface will increase the chance of air bubbles.

              Today, we are introducing an improved version where we trimmed the edges to make it easier for you to apply the protector. The drawback is that the updated version will no longer be technically edge to edge. 

              Aug 17 Update:
              Since introducing the trimmed tempered glass screen protector last month, we received mixed feedback from customers with some preferring the original edge-to-edge while others the trimmed version. To best cover all needs, we now offer both versions on our website with images showing from multiple angles how each screen protector fits to the device.
              View Our Tempered Glass Screen Protectors for 
              S8 | S8 Plus

              If you have encountered any issues with our products, contact us at We will do our best to help you out.

              Why did we bother to change the material in the first place?

              Some of you may have noticed that our S8/S8+ bumpers are made of a material different from our previous cases. They are the first of our products to be made from a recently reformulated polymer blend, and efforts are being made to transition all our products to this new material.

              As a company, we believe in constantly evolving for the better, even if it means taking greater risks along the way. Despite the cost and challenges we face with adapting a new material to our products, the change brings a few key benefits.

              With this material, the CrashGuard will:

              1. Protect your phone for longer. Wear and tear will be significantly reduced because of a general improvement in durability.



                  2. Be easier to take on and off. The new material stretches under continuous pressure and returns to its original position afterwards.


                        3. Be lighter and thinner. We can reduce thickness by 22% while maintaining our standard of protection.


                          We value your thoughts.

                          Your feedback helps us assess the effectiveness of our changes. Thank you for the many e-mails that you sent us, the conversations on social media, and discussions on forums.


                          Until next time,
                          Eric Wang


                          View RhinoShield Products for Samsung Galaxy S8 / S8 Plus

                          If you have encountered any issues with our products, contact us at We will do our best to help you out.

                          Orders May Be Delayed During Chinese New Year Holiday January 24, 2017, 0 Comments

                          Happy Chinese New Year!

                          Please read the following important information as during this Lunar New Year holiday, your shipping may be disrupted:  


                          Customized PlayProof:  

                          • No Customized PlayProof cases will be printed from January 26th 4:00am GMT until Febuary 2nd.
                          • Orders containing a Customised PlayProof case placed after January 26th will be on hold until Thursday, Feb 2nd.

                          FedEx Shipping:

                          • No FedEx orders will be sent between Jan 26th 4:00am GMT and Feb 2nd.
                          • All orders with FedEx placed after Jan 26th 4:00GMT will be sent on Feb 2nd.

                          Standard Shipping:

                          • Orders (Standard Shipping) without Customised PlayProof to Europe / US / Canada / Australia / UK may be delayed 1 or 2 days between Jan 26th to Feb 2nd.
                          • All other countries will be delayed until Feb 2nd.

                          New Generation Bumper Case: RhinoShield CrashGuard 2.0 August 31, 2016, 2 Comments

                          September is always a bit special for Apple Fans, but this year around, it is even more exciting for us. We want to announce the release of our new RhinoShield CrashGuard 2.0 Bumper for iPhone 6/6s, and iPhone 6s Plus! (and later for iPhone 7 once announced!)



                          Since introducing CrashGuard in our 2014 KickStarter Project, RhinoShield has provided the best protection for your iPhones from any accidental bump or damage while enhancing the design of your mobiles. With Evolutive Labs’ pursue for excellence, we are constantly challenging ourselves and reinventing our material science to give you the best product on the market. So what is new with this CrashGuard 2.0?

                          RhinoShield CrashGuard compatible to Screen Protector

                          Compatibility with all Screen Protectors: For the owners of full edge to edge screen protectors on their iPhones, the biggest pain is to find a case that is compatible to this extra layer of glass. We created a bezel that not only adds more screen protection, but also lays on top of your protector without feeling too snug or interfere with its function.


                          RhinoShield Ring/Silent Toggle Switch


                          Ring/Silent Toggle Switch: The general impression of a protective case is sealing your phone in something that is bulky and sometimes the construction of the case will render your Ring/Silent switch on the side useless or prevents it from functioning properly. With the toggle opening enlarged, even your thumb can access the mute switch with ease.

                          Charging Port Opening: Another common struggle when it comes to purchasing a case is the fitting of charging cables. The new CrashGuard 2.0 can now fit even the larger third party accessories. The precise cut-outs on the case ensure great drop protection on the bottom but is compatible with most third-party cables (see image).

                          Overall Handling: RhinoShield takes pride in creating a protective case that covers as little body as possible while providing maximum drop protection. The new curve design on the CrashGuard hugs the aluminum edge of your iPhone without adding bulk. The bezel on both front and back of the bumper not only provides extra protection, it also levitates the phone from touching any surface. The matte finish enhances better grip.

                          The RhinoShield CrashGuard 2.0 is set to hit the shelves on September 12! If you want to get notified of the actual release, be sure to provide us with your email down below:




                          If you have any questions or just would like to say hi to us, feel free to email us at

                          See What Happens When A Real Customer Drop Test RhinoShield CrashGuard March 31, 2016, 0 Comments

                          RhinoShield Crashguard is famous for its 11 feet drop protection. All the protection, none of the bulk. We are confident in our products and are supported by many loyal fans including sites such as HuffingtonPost, FoxNewsBusiness, YahooTech, MobileReviewsEh, and many more but have you ever wondered what would happen if we pushed our cases to the limit? Well one of our customer did, and takes it to the extreme with his own phone.

                          This brave young man personally submitted a request to us saying he owned a spare iPhone 5 and wanted to show his customers at work that cases don't have to be as bulky as an OtterBox just to protect their phones. Feel free to scroll to the bottom of the page to watch his video.

                          It was around Halloween 2015, when he had a brilliant idea of spooking customers by dropping his phone in front of them. Believe it or not, some people's greatest fear is phone falling.  Alright, we will admit; we are one of them, thus is the reason why we work hard day and night to perfect Rhinoshield!

                          After a day of scaring unknowing bypassers, he also wanted to test the limits of our RhinoShield so he chose to drop it from the second floor of a mall.  We admire the bravery, even after watching this video many times, our hands still get clammy every time. 

                          Now, come and watch what happens when our bumpers are faced with the biggest challenge ever, as he drops the phone from two stories height!  Please do not try this at home :)  Viewer discretion advised.  

                          We enjoyed the video, did you?  

                          The Crashguard this young man used in the video is a iPhone 5 White bumper. This video was given to us with his permission so if you would like to submit your real life experience of RhinoShield to us as well, please write to us at

                          We also recently launched a full back case that is open to customization, with all the same level of protection as our bumpers. Check out the new line of cases from us: The RhinoShield Playproof:

                          Our creative in house designers come up with brand new design concepts each week and by utilizing state-of-the-art 2.5D printing, they are able to add texture and feel to the print, bringing in new possibilities for case composition. 

                          PS: Please do the drop test at your own risk.  We will not take responsibility for broken phones.

                           Rhino Shield Crash Guard support the following device: 

                          iPhone 6 & iPhone 6S:

                          iPhone 6 PLUS & iPhone 6s Plus:

                          Samsung S6:

                          Samsung S7:

                          Google Nexus 6P:

                          Google Nexus 5X:

                          ATTENTION: RhinoShield Shipment Delays for February Chinese New Year February 03, 2016, 0 Comments

                          Chinese New Year celebration

                          Due to the Chinese New Year at our main fulfilment center, the shipping during this period might be disrupted. Please read the following information:  

                          Customised PlayProof:  

                          No Customised PlayProof cases will be printed from Feb 5th 4:00GMT until Feb 15th. Orders containing a Customised PlayProof case placed after this date will be on hold until Monday, Feb 15th.

                          PlayProof with no customisation will ship as normal.

                          FedEx Shipping:  

                          All orders with FedEx placed after Feb 5th 4:00GMT will be sent on Feb 15th

                          No FedEx orders will be sent between Feb 5th 4:00 GMT and Feb 15th.

                          Standard Shipping:

                          Orders without customised PlayProof will ship as normal with Standard Shipping during the Chinese New year. North America / Australia / UK might be delayed 1 or 2 days on February 8-9th.


                          Chinese New Year celebration


                          We wish everyone have a wonderful Chinese New Year and hope that you will receive your shipping in a timely manner. 

                          Make sure to write to us if you have any question:

                          Thank you.

                          EvolutiveLabs Team.