Unveiling RHINOSHIELD's JellyTint: Transparent Tinted Protective Phone Case


Have you ever found yourself with a show-stopping concert outfit, ready to go, but felt something was missing? You look in the mirror, and everything hits the mark, from your make-up to your accessories. But then, you look at your phone, and it hits you: it’s all yellowed and beat up. It doesn’t match or compliment your style. Fret not, we have the answer to your exact problem.

From the creators of SolidSuit, the million-seller customizable protective phone case, Clear, the never-yellowing transparent phone case, and Impact Protector Screen Protector, the industry standard for screen protectors, RHINOSHIELD is now introducing JellyTint, your first and last choice of tinted transparent cases.

In this blog post, we will get into the details of this new phone case line-up, share all of its exciting features, and give you examples of how you can bring your style up a notch by tastefully pairing them with the right phone case.

Ready to dress to impress? Keep on reading.


Transparent tinted protective case

RHINOSHIELD’s JellyTint is more than a colorful clear case. It was meticulously designed to provide you with everything you need in a case and more, with features such as:

• Strong MagSafe compatibility: 2x stronger to be exact.
Unparallelled protection against shocks and drops: surpassing military-grade standards, tested to resist up to 11ft drops.
Smooth to the touch (and the eyes): Grippy but smooth surface without any visual imperfections, such as matrix dots, which are commonly seen on cheap clear cases.
Essential color options: Available in 4 striking colors, based on Pantone’s best colors of the year, which makes them easy to match with any outfit.
BPA-free: For us, it’s a no-brainer to make products that you will touch every day 100% free of toxic substances that can harm your health, but you’d be surprised at often how this very important detail is overlooked in the phone accessory industry.
Durable & Sustainable: The case is made of high-quality materials designed to last for a long time without losing its shine. You will not need to replace it often, which means less waste and less impact on the environment.
Dedicated design: Crafted specifically for your iPhone 14 and 15 Series.



Dive into the spectrum: Colored cases for iPhone 14 and 15


Have you ever noticed how certain colors are associated with certain feelings? For example, red is most often associated with passion, courage, and love, green is associated with nature, healing, and peace, while blue is associated with tranquility, intelligence, and futurism.

On the surface level, it might feel like new product colors are chosen seemingly at random, however, what product developers and designs don’t tell you is that they’re very carefully selected, after many considerations. For the JellyTint collection, aside from market research to ensure the final colors were well-liked by the general public, the product development team also made sure to consider what feelings, styles, and user personalities would be associated with each one. Learn more about each of the available colors below!

Fancy Pink: A splash of playful elegance - Pink is a statement color that says “I am unapologetic and secure with myself.”
Moody Green: Nature's tranquil embrace - Nothing says “I won’t be bothered by things that are not relevant to my values” than this shade of green, contrary to what its name suggests.
Ash Black: Understated sophistication - Ash black is assertive, but never loud. “I know what I want when I want it, and how I want it”.
Cyber Blue: Futuristic style for the tech enthusiast - “The present is but a reflection of the future. Let’s make the most out of it.”.

    How to showcase your personality with RHINOSHIELD cases

      JellyTint by itself can already add quite a strong pop of color to your style, but you can take it a step further and express your individuality by customizing it however you like! Be it using our Custom Studio to create your design using texts, quotes, or memorable photos, or releasing your inner artist by DIY-ing a truly one-of-a-kind case with physical stickers, rhinestones, charms, strong glue, and a whole lot of imagination and personality!

      Another way you can showcase your personality is by matching your JellyTint case with one of the dozens of options for RHINOSHIELD phone lanyards. Not only does a lanyard prevent your phone from dropping, but it adds yet another opportunity for you to add an extra pop of personality to your daily outfit! Here are some case + lanyard color-matching ideas to inspire a new look for each of the seasons:

      Summer: JellyTint in Ash Black + Braided Crossbody Lanyard in Cosmo Black
      You’re probably wondering: “Black on black for Summer?”, but hear me out: Summer calls for all colors of the rainbow for your outfits, as it, understandably, matches the “summer vibes” mood. By keeping your phone + lanyard low-key, the stunning outfit you put so much effort into putting together will be the center of attention all season. You’re welcome.
        Autumn: JellyTint in Moody Green + Utility Crossbody Lanyard in Military Green
        Autumn is the perfect “not-too-cold” and “not-too-warm” season to enjoy a fresh breath of air, whether for a hike or just a brisk walk in the nearby park. This combo will match up perfectly with the green outside of your living room.
          Winter: JellyTint in Cyber Blue + Braided Crossbody Lanyard in Candyfloss Azure
          The color choice is obvious for obvious reasons, you and I both know that there’s no need for an extra explanation for this choice, so let’s move on.
            Spring: JellyTint in Fancy Pink + Hypoallergenic Crossbody Lanyard in Pink Ribbon
            This season is all about appreciating the blooming of beautiful flowers, and this electrifying pink combo will be sure to spark conversations during picnic dates.


              Why choose RHINOSHIELD?

              “All of these sound great, but why would I choose RHINOSHIELD for something as important as my next case?”. With 10+ years of expertise in the phone case & accessories industry, RHINOSHIELD has established itself as a world leader in the protective phone case field, with millions of cases sold across the globe. Aside from our never-ending commitment to quality and innovation in our products, what makes us stand out from the competition is our commitment to sustainability.

              With daily headlines warning us about the dim future of our environment, we refuse to stand idle. We are taking matters into our own hands. As part of our pledge to the world’s well-being and our core value of Protecting the Planet, we have taken many measures to ensure that we’re minimizing our impact, beginning with a switch to 100% recyclable packaging, using recycled cases to produce new products such as our GRIP phone grips and AirTag cases, and many more efforts are in the works to close the loop in our Circular Economy.

              On top of that, RHINOSHIELD never forgets about who made this all possible: YOU. First and foremost, our products are made to make your life easier and your day a little happier. That hasn’t changed over the past decade and will continue to be true for the rest of our journey.


              In conclusion, we are delighted to bring JellyTint cases to you and begin the chapter of high-quality, non-yellowing, impact-protective, highly customizable tinted transparent cases by bringing them into the market this year. Let’s make 2024 a great one with JellyTint!

              Make your statement today.