Materially Different: The New ShockSpread™ Material

Evolution is in our DNA, and our evolution goes beyond impact protection. It's about how we design smartly to add the minimum to your device, so you can get the maximum out of it. That's why we think out of the box, and have created the next generation of ShockSpread™ material which is not just incredibly protective as usual, but also smarter in pretty much every way.

So how smart is it, and how does it help you get the maximum from your device?

It's super tough yet flexible.


Many protective cases consist of two separate materials to achieve protection - a harder exterior shell to disperse impact, and a softer interior to absorb shock. Our new material exhibits both hard and soft properties, which means it can resist and cushion impact alone. Compared with polycarbonate and thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), two materials often used in protective cases, the tensile strength of our new material is significantly greater. This makes our cases extremely durable, and allows for a snug fit without loosening over time. As the material is incredibly difficult to break even at traditional weak points, we were able to create roomy port openings that are large enough to fit third party accessories. And unlike many tough materials that are stiff, our new material is surprisingly flexible. Its elasticity allows the case to spring back to place after flexing, without permanent loosening.

You can now bend and twist the case without worrying about it breaking or loosening, install and remove it easily without worrying about it scratching your phone, and access your ports and third party accessories comfortably.

It's thinner yet just as protective.


Unlike conventional practices which simply add more materials to achieve additional protection, we go for the minimalist way. As mentioned, we combined the protective properties we wanted into a single material. This has allowed us to reduce overall volume by 40% and thickness by 22% while retaining the same 11.5 feet impact resistance* of our previous cases. As we don't have to fuse separate materials to make the case, the case can also be recycled easily.

Your phone can now shine as originally intended and stay protected with our super thin and light cases, without adding any unnecessary bulk.

*Our cases provide incredible impact protection far exceeding the US military drop test standard (MIL-STD 810G), which can absorb at least 11.5 feet (3.5 meters) of impact. And while you should not try this at home, braver souls have even done successful extreme drop tests - including a 100-foot free fall from a drone.

It's spotless.

Our protective coating is able to resist many water-based and oil-based stains. Based on everyday use, the case rarely picks up scuff marks, even when it is repeatedly taken out of one's pocket. Ink, dirt and food stains can be cleaned without leaving any residue.

You don't have to shy away from light-colored cases any more. Our special stain resistant coating means your white case stays white.


*How to clean the case?

For bumpers (including the frame of the Mod case) - we have tested marker ink, ketchup, watercolors and soil on the bumpers. They can be removed with a light alcohol-based cleaner, not too long after staining occurs. However, avoid using alcohol-based solvents too often, as over time they may degrade the coating.

For the BackPlate of the Mod case - Please do not clean it with alcohol based solvents, as it will be damaged. We advise using water to clean it.

It's free of harmful chemicals.


Unlike BPA (Bisphenol A) containing hard plastics which can be found in the majority of name-brand phone cases, our new material is 100% BPA / BPS / BPF free. BPA has been linked to reproductive and developmental toxicity. Tested against FDA (Food and Drug Administration) requirements, our new material is also certified food-grade, even safe for child use. With your health and safety in mind, we worked hard to avoid these harmful chemicals, and believe we have formulated one of the safest impact-resistant materials around.

You now have one less thing to worry about.

It's simply the best of both worlds. 

Our ShockSpread™ material is an industry-changing materials science breakthrough. It's super tough and flexible at the same time. We were able to combine the protective properties we wanted into a single material, leaving us to push the envelope in minimal design. Not to mention it's completely BPA free, 100% recyclable and stain resistant.