Up to 55% OFF, the best RHINOSHIELD Black Friday 2023 deals!


Black Friday: RHINOSHIELD’s biggest sale of the year!

Black Friday is an exciting period for shoppers, as many businesses mark down the prices of their goods and services by huge margins. And just like the previous years, RHINOSHIELD will be bringing you amazing Black Friday deals on various phone cases and accessories, including screen protectors, phone grips, lanyards, AquaStand, cables, and so much more, for most flagship and non-flagship devices such as iPhone, Android (Samsung, Google Pixel, Xiaomi, etc.), Apple Watch, and AirPods, iPad and AirTags.


Take advantage of the Black Friday discounts: best time to get holiday gifts

Considering the attractive discounts during Black Friday and the wide variety of highly customizable, protective MagSafe-compatible cases & accessories we offer, RHINOSHIELD x BLACK FRIDAY is your ultimate holiday shopping destination, whether you’re looking to find a treat for yourself or gifts for a special someone.
To help you prepare for the holiday season and save you some money and time browsing around when Black Friday comes around, we created this article rounding up everything you need to know about our best deals on phone or tech accessories at RHINOSHIELD!

What accessories can you save on in our Black Friday RhinoMarket?

Best phone case deals for Black Friday - the extraordinary one

There are four distinctive phone case product lines you can find at RHINOSHIELD and are all available as MagSafe-compatible versions:

Clear case - Transparent case that never turns yellow. SAVE up to $14 | Prices start at $26.59
SolidSuit - Best-selling full cover phone case for both Apple and Android devices. SAVE up to $13 | Prices start at $22.74
Mod NX - Modular phone case with changeable backplates. SAVE up to $17 | Prices start at $13.94
CrashGuard NX - Modular and customizable bumper case. SAVE up to $13 | Prices start at $11.26

But these are not your ordinary phone cases. Check out below what makes RHINOSHIELD cases stand out from the rest:

Protection: RHINOSHIELD phone cases provide protection beyond military-grade standards. RHINOSHIELD’s proprietary material was specially developed to be super tough yet surprisingly flexible, making it incredibly difficult to break and incredibly protective.

MagSafe compatibility: RHINOSHIELD MagSafe-compatible cases and accessories offer one of the most powerful MagSafe magnetic pull forces on the MagSafe-compatible accessories market, with 2x the strength of Apple’s official MagSafe products. This year, we have launched several new additions: Our AquaStand magnetic bottle, a magnetic ring, our new GRIPMAX and GRIP O collections as well as MagSafe-compatible Android cases. (To learn more about RHINOSHIELD MagSafe-compatible products, check out this blog post: Best iPhone MagSafe compatible accessories)

Style / Personalization:

RHINOSHIELD cases are highly customizable with colored camera rings and buttons to mix and match however you’d like. Cases are also available in thousands of prints, featuring original designs and stylish collaborations with Marvel, NBA, One Piece, NASA, and many others. If you’re feeling creative, there’s even an option to design your own custom case, GRIP or AquaStand with texts, meaningful photos, or fun stickers by Indie Artists.

Sustainability: RHINOSHIELD cases are independently tested, meet the US FDA food-grade standard, and contain no BPA, BPS, or BPF. Besides the impact protective properties, the materials used for the cases are made with a mono-material, making them easier to recycle. Moreover, lots of our products are made out of recycled materials, such as our Apple Watch strap, our AirTags cases, and many more. Learn more about our mission to a sustainable future here.


Best Black Friday deals on phone accessories - the accessories you don't know you need

Aside from phone cases, there are also handy phone and device accessories that RHINOSHIELD offers. Get the most out of Black Friday discounts by adding them all to your cart!


Screen Protectors

SAVE up to $11 | Prices start at $16.24

For optimal protection, we recommend pairing your phone case with a RHINOSHIELD screen protector. You can choose between 2 types:

◾ Impact Protector - Edge-to-edge full coverage, smooth and super clear like glass, but tougher and more durable. Available in Transparent, Matte, Privacy, and the new Anti Blue Light variants. Available for Android and Apple devices.

9H Tempered Glass Screen Protector - Best for scratch protection against everyday objects such as keys, coins, and even knives. Only available for Apple devices.



SAVE up to $12 | Prices start at $39.99

Our very first MagSafe-compatible bottle AquaStand hit the shelves this summer at RHINOSHIELD. This handy bottle holds both your phone and your water. With its high flexibility, it adapts to various usage scenarios, providing you with a superior experience while securely holding your device.

It is currently available in two versions: Stainless Steel and Tritan. Both come in black or white and are ready to be your daily companion!

And during our Black Friday, you can get 20% off all versions. Don’t forget to check out all the designs they come in, from NASA to One Piece!




SAVE up to $7 | Prices start at $14.39

You spend your days outdoors and on the go? Then discover our range of lanyards who will make sure you’ll always have your hands free and your phone protected! And during Black Friday, our RhinoMarket offers 20% on all lanyards as well as our universal Lanyard card!

All our lanyards at one glance:

Utility Lanyard: We created an extra wide strap of 25mm for all outdoor fans who enjoy practicality! With an FIDLOCK magnetic buckle, you can quickly snap it over your shoulder, or release it with ease.

Crossbody Lanyard: Available in braided, hypoallergenic, and fluffy versions, this lanyard is for all the fashion lovers out there. Our vast range of colors make them easy to mix and match with all sorts of phone cases and outfits.

Wrist Lanyard: Available in the same colors as the crossbody, this shorter version offers an easy access to your phone at all times. Leave your device to your wrist lanyard. It's always there, ready to lend a hand!
+ Optional - Lanyard Card: Almost every phone is compatible with our lanyard. Just get one of your lanyard cards and you are ready to go!


Apple Watch cases and AirPods cases

Apple Watch Cases SAVE up to $6 | Prices start at $11.70

Apple Watch Strap SAVE up to $10 | Prices start at $39.99

Apart from providing protection against knocks and bumps, RHINOSHIELD’s Apple Watch cases can be customized and mix-and-matched with different colors for the case and the rim! And the newest addition this year: Our Apple Watch strap made out of recycled nylon and is available in a wide range of colors! It’s comfy, water and sweat resistant and good to your skin. And the good news: All of the cases and accessories are up to 35% off during our whole Black Friday Sale!

Hit the Apple Watch aisle as soon as possible and get your hands on our protective gear.

AirPods, AirTags, iPad Cases and GRIP

AirPods Case SAVE up to $9 | Prices start at $18.19

AirTags Case SAVE up to $4 | Prices start at $18.39

iPad Case SAVE up to $12 | Prices start at $55.20

GRIP SAVE up to $6 | Prices start at $7.49

Our RHINOSHIELD Classics: We offer all sorts of cases for your Apple products such as AirPods, AirTags, and - our newest addition - iPad cases. On top of the up to 35% off all our classic cases for this year’s Black Friday, we also offer up to 25% off all our GRIPs. Whether you like the adhesive GRIPMINI, MagSafe-compatible versions GRIPMAX and GRIPMAX Mirror or the GRIP O, they are all waiting for you!

Charging cables

SAVE up to $7 | Prices start at $8.24

Our sturdy and durable range of charge and sync cables include:

※ Lightning to USB-A Charging Cable

Braided Lightning to USB-A Cable

Lightning to USB-C Cable

USB-C to USB-C Cable


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