Unlocking the Power of MagSafe: Beyond Charging

The technology event of the fall of 2023 is approaching: Apple's Keynote! It generates high expectations for the imminent release of a potential iPhone 15, Apple's new smartphone. Among the key innovations in the new iPhone models launched in recent years, MagSafe technology and its wireless accessories have been a true game-changer. But what exactly is MagSafe? And how can you use it beyond just charging?

What is MagSafe?

MagSafe is a magnetic technology developed by Apple. It incorporates a circle of magnets inside the phone, giving the phone a magnetic attraction force. This allows it to work with a variety of magnetic accessories that can be attached to the back of your smartphone, such as wireless chargers. MagSafe technology is available on iPhone models starting from the iPhone 12 and newer, including the iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 (excluding the iPhone Mini), as well as future models in the iPhone 15 series.

Why use MagSafe?

iPhones equipped with MagSafe feature a magnetic coil surrounded by a magnetic ring. This configuration not only securely attaches wireless chargers but also enhances charging efficiency through electromagnetic induction without heat dissipation. Moreover, the magnetic force allows for a strong attachment with compatible magnetic accessories, leading to the creation of a range of MagSafe-compatible accessories, including phone cardholders, phone stands, and even magnetic water bottles that can double as phone holders.

If you're still wondering why you might need this feature, let us introduce you to the 5 MagSafe tips to simplify your daily life.

5 MagSafe Tips for an Easier Life

1. MagSafe-Compatible Phone Stand

The most common way to use your phone is to hold it at arm's length with your hand. But it's common for it to slip and fall directly on you, or worse, on your face (especially when you're comfortably on the couch or in bed!)...

To prevent falls, simply attach a magnetic stand to the back of your phone case to hold it securely. In addition to providing a firmer grip, this also provides a more convenient phone stand! Overall, this accessory will also improve your handling, making it less tiring in the long run.

For example, the GRIMAX phone stand developed by RHINOSHIELD combines these two functions. Simply attach the MagSafe-compatible GRIPMAX to the back of your MagSafe-compatible phone case, then open it and slide your hands in to hold your phone more securely. You can also place your phone on the table and use it in portrait or landscape mode for comfortable use.

2. A Water Bottle that Helps You Take the Best Selfies

When you go out with friends and want to take a selfie, it often happens that someone is cut out of the photo frame. A few years ago, we even had selfie sticks... but today, that's a bit outdated!

With MagSafe technology, you can easily use any MagSafe-compatible phone stand without struggling to attach it, as is often the case with selfie stick mounting mechanisms. MagSafe accessories attach and detach easily in an instant.

You're more likely to carry a water bottle to stay hydrated throughout the day... And this is where RHINOSHIELD offers a revolutionary innovation! A magnetic water bottle, with a simple and sleek design, featuring a MagSafe-compatible handle that allows you to use it as a phone stand. With its adjustable angle, AquaStand adapts to all situations effortlessly. If you have your water bottle with you, you indirectly have a selfie stick at hand when you go out!


3. Your New Workout Buddy

When you're at the gym, you never know where to place your phone. You don't really want to put it on the floor (because that's clearly not the cleanest place), but keeping it in your pocket during your workout isn't the most comfortable solution either. If you want to watch workout videos, follow a cardio session, or simply record yourself to check your posture, it's often difficult to find a place to put your phone with an ideal angle...

The magnetic AquaStand water bottle by RHINOSHIELD can be very useful for you! Simply adopt or replace your usual sports water bottle with this unique MagSafe-compatible product, which allows you to keep your device while staying hydrated.

Whether you simply need a place to put your phone during your workout, want to watch videos, do makeup following tutorials, or follow a recipe without having to touch your phone to avoid getting it dirty... AquaStand is here to help!


4. A New Lifestyle with Your Phone

Your phone has probably become one of the most important objects in your daily life. And whether you admit it or not, we can't do without it anymore because today's smartphones already have many features, but with MagSafe, your phone can become even more convenient!

For example, if you're in a car, a MagSafe-compatible car phone stand can not only hold your phone in a vertical position for navigation but also wirelessly charge it. If you're more minimalist, you can attach a MagSafe-compatible cardholder directly to the back of your phone to store all your cards, so you won't forget your transport card or payment card anymore.

Or if you're outdoors and want to use your phone all day without having to carry an external battery and its cable with you, with MagSafe, you can reliably and securely charge your device while going about your activities without much hassle.


5. Switching from one accessory to another in an instant

"To attach my phone to a selfie stick or a car stand, I constantly have to remember how the mounting system works..."

MagSafe solves this problem perfectly! Using magnets, say goodbye to the tedious installations and uninstallations of all the accessories you use every day. When you want to use your MagSafe-compatible accessories, simply place your device on them, and it will attach instantly and securely. And if you want to remove these accessories or charge your device on a MagSafe charging station, it will only take a few seconds.

Are older iPhones and Android devices compatible with MagSafe?

After discovering all these practical tips and accessories that are MagSafe-compatible, don't you want to give it a try? If your phone is not compatible with this technology, don't worry: we have the solution!

For models before the iPhone 12 or Android smartphones, RHINOSHIELD now offers a Magnetic Ring that you can simply stick to the back of your phone case to make it MagSafe-compatible.


If you have an iPhone 12 or newer (except for the iPhone Mini), we highly recommend using our range of MagSafe-compatible phone cases. At RHINOSHIELD, in addition to being ultra-durable, these cases offer magnetic strength twice that of the original. This will ensure that your accessories hold securely without the risk of falling.