Reducing Our Carbon Footprint – RhinoShield

Protect technology, the planet, and individuality. – these are the brand missions of RhinoShield.

New Packaging

Along the years, we have always strived to carry out our brand vision through every stage of our products' design, production and operations. In our efforts to protect the planet, in addition to developing a sustainable technology material, we have taken another step forward in reducing our carbon footprint by creating a packaging that uses more environmentally friendly materials.


Our new packaging is printed with soy ink and made of 100% recyclable paper, which greatly reduces the use of single-use plastics. By doing so, an estimated 56 metric tons of plastics –which is around the size of 16 football fields – will be reduced from landfills per year!

Packaging flat lay

The eco-friendly packaging is only the beginning, as we will continue to make efforts to help make our planet greener, one step at a time. By purchasing this product, you are also taking part in our plastic reduction campaign, and we're excited to have you on our journey to be more environmentally responsible and to protect our world together :)

Thank you for joining and supporting us!



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