How to clean clear phone cases and prevent it from turning yellow — actually works!

Once your clear case has already turned yellow, there are two things you could do at this point: try out some tips and tricks on how to keep the clear case clean or get a RHINOSHIELD Clear case, a clear phone case that doesn’t turn yellow to prevent the clear case yellowing issue. Also a RHINOSHIELD Clear case is fully customizable, with changeable lanyards, buttons and camera rings to express your creativity!

How to clean clear phone cases and prevent them from turning yellow?

Clear cases are awesome. Not only because they look sleek and usually made to be quite grippy, but also because they let you show off the original form of your phone. Sadly, as the saying goes, good things don’t last forever, and you now got in your hands a clear case that’s starting to yellow, and ended up clicking on this blog post trying to find solutions on how to return it back to its original state.

The 3 methods we recommend for how to clean clear phone cases

As we have been in the same position as you before, you can imagine we tried our fair share of cleaning methods recommended by dozens of “how to clean clear phone cases” articles. To save time, we have compiled the below for you:

Method 1 - Washing your clear phone case with soap and water

While not the most effective method, it does a good job removing the outermost layer of grease on the surface, which is usually what makes your clear phone case look a couple extra shades of brown than what you would like.

Effectiveness: ⭐⭐ / ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Step 1: Fill a basin with warm water and mix in some soapy dishwashing detergent.
Step 2: Scrub your clear case (make sure your phone is not installed) with a soft melamine sponge (also known as a “magic sponge”). Use the corners of the sponge to really get into each inner corner of the case, as that’s usually where most of the debris accumulates.
Step 3: Rinse with running water and let it air dry.


Method 2 - Applying rubbing alcohol

This method is pretty easy to do and the required tools you need are readily accessible at the times we’re currently living in. It gets a better result than the soap & water method, however, it is still not the most ideal solution, as the clear phone case doesn’t end up looking as clear as desired.

Effectiveness: ⭐⭐⭐ / ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Step 1: Get a clean microfiber cloth and 75% rubbing alcohol.
Step 2: Apply some of the alcohol solution onto the microfiber cloth.
Step 3: Swipe it across your clear case. It is important that you do this in quick and firm motions due to the corrosive nature of rubbing alcohol, which may damage the protective coating that your clear case most likely has, as well as oleophobic properties.


Method 3 - Using baking soda

While this method helps to remove the outer layer of grease, reality is, you will still be left with the old shell of a case that was one day clear.

Effectiveness: ⭐⭐⭐ / ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Step 1: Sprinkle some baking soda on the wet bristles of an old toothbrush (we don’t recommend using your current one for obvious reasons).
Step 2: Use the toothbrush to scrub the case well.
Step 3: Rinse with running water once you get tired of scrubbing.


A clear phone case that doesn’t turn yellow!

As you can already tell at this point, due to the nature of the polymer materials used to make most clear phone cases in the market (such as TPU or polycarbonate, from which both are susceptible to photo-oxidization, i.e. they both go yellow when exposed to UV rays, it is inevitable that your clear case will eventually start to turn yellow over time, which circles us back to the title of ‘How to clean clear phone cases’ and this subsection: “How to prevent your phone case from turning yellow?”. 

Go to a clear phone case that would not turn yellow at all, RhinoShield’s Clear case! 

The magic lies in the material the case is made of. Clear is made with a special formulation of our proprietary mono-material called ShockSpread™, which not only makes it highly impact protective (as we explain more in-depth in the ShockSpread Material article) and suitable to recycle, but also ensures that it remains clear for a very long time, as it is incredibly resistant to UV light, the main culprit who causes your clear case to turn yellow. (Learn more about our Clear Case That Doesn’t Turn Yellow).

RHINOSHIELD Clear passed the SGS UV testing and successfully overcame 168 hours of testing against yellowing resistance. This proves that the case will not suffer from discoloration even with continuous exposure to high temperature UV lights and extreme shifting humidity levels. The best part is, RhinoShield offers a free replacement under their Lifetime Replacement Warranty for their products. More information about this program can be found in their policy page.

In addition to the fading-resistant material, the Clear case perfectly embodies RHINOSHIELD’s brand vision of protecting technology, the planet and your personal style. Besides the military-grade protection and the absence of harmful substances such as BPA, BPF, and BPS in all of their product lines, RHINOSHIELD offers over 3,000 exclusive print designs, sustainably manufactured lanyards, interchangeable buttons and camera rings, allowing you to create an unique clear phone case that can perfectly represent YOU.


‘How to clean clear phone cases’ is a common search inquiry for clear case users. Because of the product materials used for most clear cases, it is unfortunately impossible to actually restore and a clear case that has turned yellow, even though some methods can be somewhat helpful. If you have tried all cleaning methods above and still remain with a yellow case in your hands, it might be time to retire it and replace it with the RHINOSHIELD Clear case, a customizable clear phone case doesn’t turn yellow to prevent the yellowing problem.

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