Hello different.

A refreshed RhinoShield brand, future-proofed.



Creative Ingenuity. It’s always been at the heart of what we do. It defines how we see the world. How we solve problems. How we develop the game-changing materials that protect your tech in stronger, lighter and ever-more inventive ways. It was there at the start, when our founder first saw the potential of a new impact-resistant polymer to protect the tech in our lives. And our spirit of creative ingenuity has continued ever since.

It’s been nearly a decade since we developed our first product. In that time we’ve redefined categories, developed new and better products, and found ways to help you be ever-more creative. We’ve come a long way from the early days of giving a military-grade product a mass-market application. 

It was time to make sure our brand captured everything that makes us, us. So we partnered with Koto to refresh our brand, and through the whole process there was only one thing driving us: Creative Ingenuity. It’s led us to a stronger direction and a new look – and new ways to do what we do best.


Same core. New look. 


A refreshed identity

The new RhinoShield wordmark is confident, robust, and well crafted, capturing the exacting ingenuity of our products. The angled cut in the ‘R’ reflects the angles of the shield, ensuring that the two elements work in perfect harmony.


An evolved palette

Yellow and black continue to be our core brand colors, and we've brightened up the yellow to feel more energetic and optimistic. We’ve added a vibrant secondary palette inspired by our most popular cases to capture the diversity of our product ecosystem.


A custom typeface

Uniquely ours, and with a distinct edge, our customized typeface Lemur by Tightype represents creativity and ingenuity. The letterforms reflect the angles of our logo with angled cuts and quirky glyphs to deliver messaging with clarity, distinction and impact.


A dynamic shield

We've built a flexible graphic system based on our iconic shield, a symbol of material excellence and super-strength protection. When used in 2D the shield functions as a framing device flexing to hold different content and messaging. When applied to 3D the shield comes to life with textures that reflect material ingenuity and our partner collaborations.

The combination of these elements makes our new identity distinctly and unmistakably RhinoShield.


A brief history of Creative Ingenuity

From side-hustler to game-changer

Our first product – the RhinoShield Impact screen protector – was one of the first truly impact-resistant screen protectors. It combined an impact dispersing layer and an impact absorption layer, packed into a crystal clear film only 0.29mm thin. RhinoShield’s founder Eric Wang developed it as a side-project in a materials science lab when he was a PhD student at the University of Cambridge, looking for ways to protect glass surfaces in military technology. He put the idea on Kickstarter, and RhinoShield was born. 


Going 100% BPA-free

It’s common to see BPA-free water bottles and plastic containers. BPA is a harmful chemical that’s known to enter the body in food and drink. It’s banned in the EU for use in drinking bottles and food containers. But more recent research has shown that BPA can also be absorbed through the skin. So what about the BPA in almost all phone cases, that you handle for hours every day? 

Most polymers that contain BPA have impact resistant properties. When we decided to go 100% BPA-free, it removed a whole class of suitable materials for us to work with. It extended the research and development phase of our products – but we found new ways to achieve even better impact resistance, and we’re proud of our 100% BPA-free product lineup. 

Taking personalization to the next level

Choosing a phone case is a deeply personal thing: it can say a lot about you, from the basically functional to the wildly creative. For too long, there was always a compromise: get a huge, rugged thing that would protect your phone from every conceivable threat. Or get something fun and beautiful that hardly offered any protection at all.

We changed that - with thin, light, super-strong protection for your phone, watch and AirPods. We developed new ways to produce our cases, to make it possible to create hundreds of colour combinations. We collaborated with artists and creatives around the world on our printable designs. And we do all of it with your creative self-expression in mind - so that our creativity can feed yours. 

Getting recycle-ready

The qualities that make our materials so effective have always been the same qualities that made them hard to recycle. But our latest version of ShockSpread is made with just a single material - unlocking a whole new future of recyclability for us. We are working on new processes to close the loop, reduce waste, and improve sustainability in everything we make.

Hello tomorrow

Our refreshed brand sets our direction, and we can’t wait to get going. We’re excited about a range of new products we’ve got lined up for release this year – all with personalization and creative ingenuity in their DNA. Keep an eye out for those - and for now, explore the world of RhinoShield with fresh eyes. 

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