7 best personalized Christmas ideas: gift guide for your loved ones!

As the holiday season starts to slowly approach, one thing is certain: we must get gifts. OK, but what exactly would be a good gift? What is something that will not get lost in the sea of colorful socks and scented candles? That’s where most people get stuck. This problem has a simple 3 words answer: Custom tech accessories.

Custom Christmas gift ideas

Almost everyone owns a phone, and every phone needs to be well protected. But not only well protected. Just like clothes, their phone case has to fit their world and personality, showcase the things they stand for, be high quality, durable, memorable, meaningful, and, most importantly, must not break your wallet. This is where RHINOSHIELD comes in to make things magnitudes easier for you. We offer different designs and customization gift options for different products lines, including phone cases, phone grips, AirPods cases and Apple Watch bumper.

Hearing “custom phone cases” might make the words “DIY”, “complicated”, “hassle” pop in your head, but with our “Design Your Own Case” service and variety of customization options such as hot-stamping, custom photo case, custom text case, we take out all of the headache of creating a personalized present and turn it into a fun and hassle-free experience from start to finish. Check out our easy step-by-step below:


1. Gift for him or her - Make it personal

It’s not the size of the gift that matters. It’s how much and how deep of an impact or an impression that it creates. An unique gift that shows that you put thought and care picking it does this job quite well. Whether you’re looking for presents for your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, parents, siblings, friends, coworkers, or even new people, RHINOSHIELD Design Your Own offers all the personalization needs you can think of. 

◾ Photo collage: How about gifting a phone case or a phone grip with a picture of a memorable time you spent together? They will remember the good times everywhere they go!

(Image credit: @aussie.sedona)

Custom text: Have any messages or wishes you’d like the other person to always keep in mind? Words you’d like to say or a dream they would like to accomplish. You can have everything in words printed right on the case.

(Image credit: @brenda_la)

Memento: If they’re a sports fan or if they have any dates that marks a special occasion for them or for you both, this option is perfect.

Premium stamping: A gold or silver foil stamping with name, initials or a meaningful word on the phone case, AirPods case or phone grip. You can’t go wrong with this simple but elegant option. 


2. Gift for Anime Lovers - Naruto, Dragon Ball & More!

Are they a fan of anime? Then it’s a great idea to check out our anime designs, which include Naruto Shippuden, Hunter x Hunter, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball, Attack on Titan, and more to come, as we’re always adding new collections! Pick a character you know they love or add their name with the anime’s theme on the case. No matter if you gift them a case with their name with the Akatsuki symbol or above a Kintoun, it will be sure to bring a smile to their faces!


3. Gift for Sports Lovers - NBA, PSG & Jersey Cases!

If they’re fans of basketball or football, we’ve also got them covered with our NBA and PSG collections for phone cases, AirPods cases and phone grips. If you are not sure exactly what they’re into, a safe option would be to customize a sports jersey-inspired design, with your choice of name / word and lucky number.


4. Gift for Cartoon / Cute Character Lovers - Snoopy, Haribo and More!

We’re sure you’ve heard of Snoopy, Haribo (your favorite gummy bear-shaped candies) and PAC-MAN, but even beyond that, there are many independent artist around the world that create amazing adorable art such as ilovedoodle (master of hidden cat illustrations), Incrediville (mysterious but oddly relatable creatures), BUGCAT CAPOO (who knew a cat & bug hybrid could look so cute?), LAIMO (based on the endangered tapir), Liang Feng (beautiful watercolor illustrations), all of whom have partnered with us to create exclusive case collections!


5. Gift for Art Lovers - Van Gogh Museum, Keith Haring and More!

The world of art is broad, and paintings are not limited to canvases, but can also extend to phone cases or AirPods cases. Our gallery includes amazing names such as Van Gogh Museum, Keith Haring, and The National Museum of History (Taiwan), but it also features incredibly talented artists such as Catalina Estrada, Jimmy Liao, Paiheme Studio, Janice Sung, and so many more.


6. Gift for Music Lovers - AirPods

From music lovers to casual music listeners, there’s a big chance that AirPods are an essential part of their lives. An AirPods with a protective and customizable case should be the best combo option for them. From the first generation of the AirPods or the latest AirPods Pro 2, we’ve got protective cases for all models, all of which are available in a variety of colors that can be mixed and matched with different cap and body colors, customized a huge collection of collaboration and original design prints, or your initials, which make them the perfect thoughtful gift.



7. Gift for Fitness Lovers - Apple Watch

How about an Apple Watch with a protectiev bumper case? The idea shall be perfect for your fitness lover friends. RHINOSHIELD customizable Apple Watch bumper case has a two-part design (bumper and rim) that allows for customized color pairings. With hundreds of color combinations to choose from, you can build a case that is perfect for you.

Hope after reaching this part of the article, you at least have an idea of what to get as a holiday gift for that special someone. Whatever your choice is at the end, we hope all your gifts will bring a big smile to their faces once they open it from under the Christmas tree! But don't forget that Christmas is also a great time for you to indulge in yourself: you’ve worked hard this year, you deserve a present given to yourself, from yourself. You can’t go wrong, afterall, who knows you better than you know yourself? 😉 

The countdown for this year has already begun. To ensure December and Christmas season will go by smoothly, it’s a great idea to get your gifts prepared as soon as possible. Happy shopping!

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 - The RHINOSHIELD team wishes you a happy holiday season! -