Why I Stopped Using Glass Screen Protectors...(And You Should Too)

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I love the sensation on my finger sliding over a glass screen. The smoothness allows me to not only swipe right with confidence but also gives me the necessary precision to fling that Pokeball at the nearest Pikachu. Having a super clear screen also allows me to see all 2,740,500 pixels clearly on my iPhone 11 Pro. This is important because I remember the days when I used to think 480p Ryan Reynolds was beautiful. You should check out what he looks like in full HD  *wink*

Ever since I got my first phone (iPhone 4), the Tempered Glass Screen Protector has always been my go-to protection for my clumsy self. But after buying my 5th piece of glass protector within a year after the last one shattered again, I started to realize that the cost was adding up…a LOT. It got to a point where I would just hold off buying a new one and deal with the cracked glass protector aesthetic from time to time. 

I considered digging into my precious travel savings to finally get Apple Care…But I figured that the money could be spent somewhere more meaningful, like an all-inclusive trip to the Bahamas when this lockdown finally ends. 

So that was the old me. But now, RhinoShield has a solution:

A Game-Changing Solution from RhinoShield:

The new 3D Impact Screen Protector. It’s made of an innovative new polymer material that looks and feels like glass, but much more protective and durable than the conventional tempered glass. The coverage of the protector also extends to the edge of my screen, giving me that invisible protection and seamless look which I get from regular glass protectors. Oh, and IF the 3D Impact somehow malfunctions, RhinoShield got a fantastic replacement program. They’ll send you a free replacement, you just need to cover the shipping & handling. That way, I don’t have to keep spending money on a new protector and also buy that Kindle Fire I’ve been keeping on the wishlist for way too long. 

I’d like to think of this as a permanent social distancing from the old me. It's time for an upgrade~ 

Brb, there's a Charmander nearby.

- Vivian 

Too long; didn’t read: Still using glass to protect glass? RhinoShield made a totally new screen protector which is the first of its kind that’s as smooth as Dwayne Johnson's head and as clear as watching Netflix with the Premium account (using a friend’s ID, of course). It won’t crack like glass and it'll cover THE WHOLE SCREEN. Most importantly, you will save a lot of money on replacements and finally get that thing on your Amazon wish list and go on that trip you’ve been saving for.

It's new, it's here, it’s called: 3D Impact Screen Protector

Get yours here

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