Updates on our Samsung Galaxy S8 / S8 Plus Products


I’m Eric, co-founder of RhinoShield. There has been quite some discussion – both positive and negative – about our Galaxy S8 / S8+ products released a couple months ago, and I just want to say: we hear you.

Improved bumper and screen protector now available on our website.

Crashguard Bumper Case

Many of you felt that the fit is a bit looser on the new CrashGuard and that the button area required a little breaking-in, like a new pair of shoes.

After the initial launch, we reviewed your concerns and adjusted the manufacturing process accordingly. Today, we are rolling out an improved bumper with a tighter fit based on your comments. To shorten the break-in time for buttons, we added subtle slits on their side.

Tempered Glass Screen Protector

We also learnt that many of you have found it difficult to apply the screen protector. Curved edge screen protectors are trickier to design, and making one that will play fair with the CrashGuard while covering the entire screen leaves us with very little room for error. We also had to limit the adhesive to the sides as putting adhesive on the whole surface will increase the chance of air bubbles.

Today, we are introducing an improved version where we trimmed the edges to make it easier for you to apply the protector. The drawback is that the updated version will no longer be technically edge to edge. 

Aug 17 Update:
Since introducing the trimmed tempered glass screen protector last month, we received mixed feedback from customers with some preferring the original edge-to-edge while others the trimmed version. To best cover all needs, we now offer both versions on our website with images showing from multiple angles how each screen protector fits to the device.
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If you have encountered any issues with our products, contact us at support@evolutivelabs.com. We will do our best to help you out.


Why did we bother to change the material in the first place?

Some of you may have noticed that our S8/S8+ bumpers are made of a material different from our previous cases. They are the first of our products to be made from a recently reformulated polymer blend, and efforts are being made to transition all our products to this new material.

As a company, we believe in constantly evolving for the better, even if it means taking greater risks along the way. Despite the cost and challenges we face with adapting a new material to our products, the change brings a few key benefits.

With this material, the CrashGuard will:

1. Protect your phone for longer. Wear and tear will be significantly reduced because of a general improvement in durability.



      2. Be easier to take on and off. The new material stretches under continuous pressure and returns to its original position afterwards.

          3. Be lighter and thinner. We can reduce thickness by 22% while maintaining our standard of protection.


            We value your thoughts.

            Your feedback helps us assess the effectiveness of our changes. Thank you for the many e-mails that you sent us, the conversations on social media, and discussions on forums.


            Until next time,
            Eric Wang


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            If you have encountered any issues with our products, contact us at support@evolutivelabs.com. We will do our best to help you out.