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Types of screen protectors

It can be very confusing and time consuming process to shop for a screen protectors. There are many brands of screen protectors, but in reality most of them are the same and they can be classified in accordance to their materials. Here is a quick summary of everything available in the market.


  • PET Screen protector (sacrificial layer only offer scratch protection)
  • Temper glass screen protector (offer scratch protection and very limited impact protection)
  • Polyurethane screen protector (often marketed as military grade TPU, also a sacrificial layer and only offer scratch protection)
  • and the latest innovation; multilayer screen protector such as Rhino Shield. (offers scratch protection and impact protection due to its anti shock/shock absorption properties)


Screen Protectors made by Rhino Shield

the multilayered screen protector which is based on combinations of polymeric material, are extremely effective at damping and spread the impact force, and therefore reducing the force that glass undergo at the impact area. The viscoelastic behaviour can also reflect the force back at the source of the impact as shown beblow, they were both Gorilla Glass 3 panels except one had a Rhino shield protector.



As shown, adding multilayered screen protector such as rhino shield makes a huge difference when it comes to impact absorption, even with a ball 5 times heavier at 500% more height. The balls just bounce off the protected panel. 

the same test was carried out with the tempered glass screen protector, the result shows the tempered glass screen protector just shattered with the 250 g steel ball at 20 cm height. These may offer a true feel for the user, but they do not reflect much of the impact compared to plastic ones. However where they excel at is their incredible scratch resistance compared to plastic ones.

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