See What Happens When A Real Customer Drop Test RhinoShield CrashGuard March 31 2016, 0 Comments

RhinoShield Crashguard is famous for its 11 feet drop protection. All the protection, none of the bulk. We are confident in our products and are supported by many loyal fans including sites such as HuffingtonPost, FoxNewsBusiness, YahooTech, MobileReviewsEh, and many more but have you ever wondered what would happen if we pushed our cases to the limit? Well one of our customer did, and takes it to the extreme with his own phone.

This brave young man personally submitted a request to us saying he owned a spare iPhone 5 and wanted to show his customers at work that cases don't have to be as bulky as an OtterBox just to protect their phones. Feel free to scroll to the bottom of the page to watch his video.

It was around Halloween 2015, when he had a brilliant idea of spooking customers by dropping his phone in front of them. Believe it or not, some people's greatest fear is phone falling.  Alright, we will admit; we are one of them, thus is the reason why we work hard day and night to perfect Rhinoshield!

After a day of scaring unknowing bypassers, he also wanted to test the limits of our RhinoShield so he chose to drop it from the second floor of a mall.  We admire the bravery, even after watching this video many times, our hands still get clammy every time. 

Now, come and watch what happens when our bumpers are faced with the biggest challenge ever, as he drops the phone from two stories height!  Please do not try this at home :)  Viewer discretion advised.  

We enjoyed the video, did you?  

The Crashguard this young man used in the video is a iPhone 5 White bumper. This video was given to us with his permission so if you would like to submit your real life experience of RhinoShield to us as well, please write to us at

We also recently launched a full back case that is open to customization, with all the same level of protection as our bumpers. Check out the new line of cases from us: The RhinoShield Playproof:

Our creative in house designers come up with brand new design concepts each week and by utilizing state-of-the-art 2.5D printing, they are able to add texture and feel to the print, bringing in new possibilities for case composition. 

PS: Please do the drop test at your own risk.  We will not take responsibility for broken phones.

 Rhino Shield Crash Guard support the following device: 

iPhone 6 & iPhone 6S:

iPhone 6 PLUS & iPhone 6s Plus:

Samsung S6:

Samsung S7:

Google Nexus 6P:

Google Nexus 5X:

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