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Whats New about Gorilla 4? Are They unbreakable?

Take a look at the published specifications of Gorilla Glass, there are 4 most important matrices describing the glass properties contributing to its toughness, in a layman's terms, how strong/amazing it is. 

  • Young's Modulus – How "stiff" is the material, the higher the value the stiffer, but the trade off of this is increase in brittleness.
  • Poisson Ratio – the axial stress of the material when it is pulled or pushed. Imagine stretching a piece of bubble gum — the centre of it will become thinner.
  • Shear Modulus – defines the material’s response to shearing stress or shear compression, a very important factor when it comes to preventing cracks from forming.
  • Fracture Toughness – measurement of the material’s resistance to crack propagation.

When comparing the above values between Gorilla Glass 3 and the recently debut Gorilla Glass 4, the biggest difference we see is a Young’s modulus. (This basically imply the glass will be less easier to bend and more "flexible"). 

Additionally, the Chemical Strengthening section, reveals a much greater compression depth layer, from 40 µm to 90 µm for Gorilla Glass 3 and Gorilla Glass 4 respectively. This "super layer" significantly increases Gorilla Glass 4’s resistance to cracking and crack propagation, with a thicker compressed surface layer. The image below shows cross sections comparing damage resistance between Gorilla Glass 3 and 4. This layer essentially makes the crack blunter and shorter and basically reduce the magnitude of stress amplification. 

The Trade off?
Despite Mobile manufacturer like Apple, Samsung, Sony HTC and OnePlus will have Gorilla Glass 4 in their Arsenal and theoretically make the screen less prone to shatter in a ideal world. HOWEVER, the new Gorilla Glass will have to sacrifice some of its scratch resisting super power, which will leads to the formation of stress concentrator easier. Furthermore, the glass is still not being able to withstand multiple drop cycle due to the fact the stress concentrator can still be easily created.
Why Use a screen protector?

However, if you use a screen protector, the differences become less significant. Screen protectors help spread out any impact stress, enough to prevent significant stress build up in one spot to cause a fracture. However much you toughen glass, you can't completely eliminate all these natural defects, which is why Rhino Shield will be a great addition for your screen :D

Samsung S6 drop test

Samsung S6 is the latest Phone utilise Gorilla Glass 4 front glass. As we see in the drop test below, it still crack on a face drop. 

Fortunately, the Phone and Gorilla Glass can be protected by Rhino Shield and Rhino Shield CrashGuard. Check out the drop test. Big Difference can be made with the bumper case and screen protector installed. 

In conclusion, it is always a good idea to get a bumper case to protect the device. 

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