RHINO SHIELD Crash Guard Render for Oneplus One November 20 2014, 2 Comments

Hi guys

Here is the overdued 1+1 render. 

Designing 1+1 is slightly changeling than other device, mainly due to the concave back. Our design philosophy is to minimised cover up, so one can appreciate the original athestic, the way OPO designer intended. Using this design philosophy also leads to some practical issue, and design choice to make. We will go though the detail right now and perhaps make the design choice together.  

1. the kink are quite sharp, due to the way curve started. (we could potentially make them smoother)

2. The lip on the back side will only covers up to 1mm. therefore the actually bumper will be slimmer than the actual phone, so it can be pocketable. 

The lip on the screen side will elevate the bumper in the way that provide a bit more protection for the screen. We have run a few calculation to ensure the front lip is sufficient to protect all type of collision. (We are still fine tuning, so the lip in the front may need to be extend a bit more)

When the phone rest on its back, the bumper will not be elevated the phone (unlike iPhone), so the phone would still be pocketable.  

The corner loos sharp as result of following the exact contour of the OPO (we could make them a bit bit rounder). Charging port will be fully accessible. (note the charging port opening will be larger)

Hope you guys like it!


Ruben Persyn on June 16 2015 at 07:29AM

When should your make the bumper?
I’m and a few other are loking for one…

ap on May 24 2015 at 04:53PM

So when and where can I buy this? Theres a shortage of genuinely good cases for the OPO.

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