Rhino shield crash guard Z3 Compact renders November 18 2014, 6 Comments

Here is the first iteration of Z3C renders. 

Slim profile (2.3mm in thickness) , the bumper will slightly elevate the phone by roughly 1mm on both side. The conner will have be slightly arched for enhanced impact protection. (please note: our 2nd iteration will take hardware camera button into consideration)

The bumper will cover the flap, i.e. there will be no cut out for the flap, so we can ensure mechanical integrity of the bumper.  

The charging port cutout will provide easy access to magnetic charging. 

the headphone Jack will be large enough to accommodate most of the third party head phone. 


We hope you like it!


Philip on October 22 2015 at 01:11AM

I am waiting for this case for a few month already.
Cant wait to get one.
Do you guys have any idea about the release date?
All the best,

David on August 15 2015 at 09:03PM

Please let me know as soon as this product launches for Z3 compact. Mine has had to be repaired at £80 a go after dropping onto a stone or concrete floor from about 4 feet.

allan jones on June 07 2015 at 06:46PM

this is exactly what i want for my z3c. are you guys any further along to getting this into production?

Martin Reeves on June 02 2015 at 09:40PM

I love this case!! How & where can I purchase one??



Philip on May 22 2015 at 05:09AM

Nice first shot!
I like that you plan to only cut out the magnetic charging dock. It is exactly how I would designing it.
Please make sure that the nice haptics of the original power button and volume rocker will remain.
Looking forward to your product!

James Allcock on May 21 2015 at 06:24PM


I’m liking the look of this bumper, it’s just what I’m after for my Z3 Compact!

If you can add me to the mailing list so I know when it’s available that would be great.

I’m from Sheffield, UK so hopefully the price will be good too because import costs to here are ridiculous!

Bought an incipio case 2 years ago and it cost me £17 GBP import…

Thanks :-) James

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