Sapphire the unbreakable material? August 16 2014, 0 Comments

We have been ask a lot about this "super strength material", sapphire recently. As we are approaching the 9th of September, internet rumours surrounding sapphire screen on Apple's new iPhone 6 has really heated up, with the new iPhone 6 heavily tipped to equip with this "super-strength material". As many of you know Sapphire crystal isn't actually a new innovation in the mobile world. The TouchID scanner on the front and camera lens on the rear for the iPhone 5s is covered by sapphire, but it goes back much further than that.

What you may not know is luxury smartphone brand Vertu has been developing and using Sapphire screens for more than 15 years and it's currently on its fifth generation of the technology. Sapphire is a very attractive solution for watch marker, as it is virtually impossible to scratch. it was in Vertu's interest to harness its high levels of durability on its lavish devices.  (bear in mind, at time most mobile phone are using plastic screen cover, so sapphire was proper cutting edge!) However Vertu soon discover this magical material, Sapphire, was very prone to shattering due to the extreme brittleness of Sapphire. (Evidently shown on their site)

Unlike Metal or glass, Sapphire can not be strengthen. Therefore once the surface has a microscopic scratch, sapphire will actually failed to maintain its strength and toughness as the micro flaw act as stress concentrators and amplify the impact force which lead to shattering. Corning, the maker of Gorilla glass 3 has actually done a great comparison videos between Gorilla glass 3 and Sapphire after everyday use. 

[Video] Gorilla glass V.S. Sapphire

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