Tempered glass screen protector V.S. Rhino shield screen protector (Videos) July 26 2014, 1 Comment

As I am sure many of you know, the past couple of years has seen significant growth in the screen protection market with glass screen protectors, of varying quality and integrity.

Rhino Shield has completely different emphasis from what tempered glass screen protector (AKA "premium tempered glass" or Explosion proof/unbreakable tempered glass" some even go as far to "bullet proof glass") has to offer. Put aside all the misleading marketing terms like "explosion-proof", "indestructible", let's look at the fundamental material properties of the two products. 

Glass as a material excel in hardness (7H Mohs scale, some product claim to have 9H which is simply a lie), therefore make them hard to scratch. However glass is brittle and therefore doesn't offer any (or very limited) impact protection. 

on the other hand, Rhino Shield has excellent impact dispersion and damping property while having sufficiently hardness to withstand everyday abrasion under normal condition. 

 While glass will always be harder than plastic in terms of scratch protection, the bottom line is that glass breaks. Glass screen protector will not protect against impact! We have been asked by many to make a comparison video of "tempered glass screen protector V.S. Rhino Shield". Here is a video showing impact performance of various type of screen protector (tempered glass, TPU, PET and Rhino Shield). The drop test compliant to impact test carried out by the glass industry. 

You can see on this video, a side by side comparison of our product being tested against the company that is probably the largest supplier of glass screen protectors, Spigen, along with a brand which claims their product is also ‘shatterproof’. 

 *We invite any side by side test against any manufacturer claiming to have a ‘shatterproof’ product.

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Vinay Tiwari on June 10 2015 at 02:29PM

Dear Sir,

I am Vinay from TellS Industries in India, i want buy tempered glass sheet and model wise cutting and finishing process done in India ,

Kindly provide material cost per sheet , sheet size,


Vinay Tiwari

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