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Evolution Labs,

To start, my name is Joseph Lazarowitz, and I had been following your project since it was still being funded with kickstarter. The demonstrations you posted that showed this screen protector being abused is so many ways absolutely astonished me, and being a US Active Duty service member, I felt like I needed this product. Since receiving your Rhino Shield Mk I for the iPhone 4s (you can pick up here), I have been nothing but 100% satisfied with the product. However, one day while on a deployment, your product didn't only prove itself to be the most elite in screen protectors, but it paid for itself ten-fold. While working out in a gym in South Korea, my phone (Protected with a Rhino Shield front and back screen protector, and a LifeProof Case) had slipped out of my pocket and fell onto the floor of said gym, about a 2 foot drop. This wasn't the feat that absolutely amazed me, but rather the fact that I was completely oblivious to the fact my phone had fallen out of my pocket, and when complete with my exercise, I had unintentionally thrown a 50 pound weight onto the face of my phone. Upon realizing what I had done, I immediately retrieved my phone and checked it for damage. To my complete surprise there was absolutely zero visible damage to my phone as-was, save for some discoloration on the screen. Upon removing the Lifeproof case, I became full aware of the amount of damage that was inflicted upon the phone. The back screen was shattered, with a clearly visible ring of where the weight had smashed my phone, the phone was noticeably bent, and the minor discoloration on the display was permanent. But the phone was still 100% functional, and I'd like to credit the Evolution Labs Rhino Shield as being my phone's absolute savior in this incident. Please see the attached pictures that show the mitigated disaster that would have been losing my only means of communication while in a foreign country.

Thank you.
Joseph Lazarowitz
The bent phone
The Intact screen. (Slight discoloration seen above the Slide to unlock arrow)
The broken back cover due to strain deformation. You guys have the most amazing and best screen protector in the world! 


Yulanda Stanforth on June 01 2015 at 04:09PM

Thanks a lot for the post. Cool.

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