Sony Xperia Z2 May 08 2014, 0 Comments

We have received an overwhelm requests in the past weeks asking how Rhino Shield Screen protector fits Sony's latest update the Xperia Z2, so here they are:


Prefect fit (top view)

Camera cut out, we have also ensure the proximity sensor will not be affected. 

prefect fit (bottom microphone view), The shield covers the glass surface completely to provide maximum protection.

There are also a few noticeable differences that are worth pointing out. Sony's old Xperia series are known to have a anti-expolsion film permanently attached to the Glass. on the other hands, the Latest sony flagship, Xperia Z2 has finally got rid of that film. The Z2 builds on its predecessors (the sony Xperia Z1) with an improved screen, increased power under the hood and a slightly more compact chassis. The glass construction of Z2 make it a prefect fit for Rhino Shield. (Purchase link here)

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