Does sapphire break? Gorilla Glass 3 V.S. sapphire February 25 2014, 0 Comments

There are a lot of rumours of utilising Sapphire screen/laminates for Apple's next generation iPhone. Some say Sapphire is indestructible, unfortunally this is far from the truth. 

Sapphire is extreme hard (hardness comparable to diamond) due to its crystalline structure, but this come as expense of brittleness. Furthermore, due to its crystalline structure, it also mean that it is difficult to improve the fracture toughness. Unlike crystalline structured sapphire, the amorphous gorilla glass can be treated chemically to from a compressive layer to minimised any surface flaws. Therefore Sapphire is actually quite bad retaining its initial comparable higher fracture toughness after surface flaws has been created. (those micro flaws can be created by many items)

Corning actually did a standard ring tests which demonstrate the fracture toughness between Corning's gorilla glass and Sapphire, see the video after break. (We actually did similar test to validate Corning's claims)


We will be doing more tests to show you how Sapphire hold up in "various everyday" drop test. Stay tune!

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