Rhinoshield Hybrid Calligraphy Case - Merging Two Worlds Together March 01 2016, 0 Comments

Rhinoshield PlayProof Hybrid Calligraphy

RhinoShield's latest collection : Hybrid Calligraphy.


To those who say practicing calligraphy builds character, we say calligraphy is also a form of expressionism. Express your appreciation for love, family, and happiness to your friends and family by giving them these unique Hybrid Calligraphy PlayProof case. An original creation of Rhinoshield that you will find no where else. 

In each PlayProof case, we've merged English and Chinese characters. Using artistic Chinese Calligraphy Characters, you can now send your thoughts of "Love", "Home", and "Happy" to your friends and family as gifts! 


Can you spot the English words within the Chinese characters?


Deep Love Never Grows Old
Deep Love Never Grows Old PlayProof case uses the character "Lao 老" to show LOVE
No Place Like Home PlayProof
"Jia 家" representing HOME (and family) for this No Case Like Home PlayProof case
Open Your Heart PlayProof Case
This Open Your Heart PlayProof is an direct translation of "Kai Xin 開心" meaning HAPPY/HAPPINESS.

These iPhone cases will definitely impress anyone who receives them. For celebration Chinese New Year and of our new Hybrid Calligraphy Collection, be sure to use the 15% discount code: LOVEHAPPYHOME.

Hurry, the discount is limited in numbers; use them before they are all gone!

We wish everyone a wonderful Chinese New Year and "May your home be filled with love and happiness"!


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